Gold Clock screensaver

Gold Clock screensaver 3.1

Gold Screensaver is a free clock screensaver available at

Gold Screensaver, designed by SoftWare Development Studio is a free clock screensaver available at It is a brand new design, featuring an antique-like golden clock with a sophisticated and original drawing. The design is extremely beautiful, appropriate for those people who prefer plain and functional graphics instead of multicolor animations, it could actually be defined as having a sober style. The screensaver looks like a work of art, as if the clock has been really carved in a bar of gold. Although the background image is static, it is truly luminous and brilliant, and besides the clock works perfectly.
This desktop program has a freeware license so you can download it and use it without paying anything. Apart from the advantage of being totally free, this screensaver is only 1,2 MB which means that takes only a couple of seconds to download if you have a high speed connection and is not demanding for your computer. It only requires Pentium or higher, 8 Mb Video Memory, 10 Mb of free hard drive disk space, and works perfectly under Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003.
Gold Screensaver is completely free of adware and spyware and safe for your computer. It is highly recommended.

Review summary


  • free
  • not demanding for the computer
  • beautiful clock


  • more animations would have been better
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